I’ve been cultivating an immense interest in plants and have been looking for the best fit for my lifestyle. Along my research I noticed the broad information available on the web. I realized I wasn’t alone out there! It was borderline overwhelming to filter through the plants of interest. It’s almost like a revival of plants and they come in so many different forms and variations. The more exotic and unique, the better! They instantly give life to any interior space. The vibrant colors and the organic flair plants give off are pretty powerful and transform any space into a better version of itself.

Times have changed

I remember the times when interior spaces hardly ever featured any greenery (except for a temporary vase filled with flowers and ikea catalogs, or at least that’s what I remember from my upbringing) to keep the modern and clean look consistent. It was almost like committing a decor crime. I personally think that often times people were just too scared to include these beautiful pieces of nature into their space, afraid of not being able to take care of them properly or due to restrictions that come along with their upkeep when one was planning vacations or getaways. 

Thanks to importing and exporting and the power of the internet, people are more aware of  the vast varieties of tropical plants and have better access to acquiring these and the maintenance they require. Due to these endless possibilities, you’ll see more and more interiors featuring unique plants.

Succulents, the tough survivor

For at least the fourth consecutive year, Succulents have been people’s favorite, especially in the case of young professionals and this love is growing strong! Their need of little to no water facilitates their survival. They come in so many forms and varieties that there is literally something for everyone’s taste. Furthermore, their weird and unique appearance and intriguing shapes demonstrate a strong tropical flair that simultaneously creates a tropical refugium out of every home. 

What’s your favorite house plant? Feel free to share and comment below!

XO – Márcia


Image 1 :: Seen on Bodie and Fou

Image 2 :: Seen on We are Scout

Image 3 :: Seen on Only Deco Love

Image 4 :: Seen on In Honor Of Design

Image 5 :: Seen on Planete Deco

Image 6 :: Seen on Room Decor Ideas

Image 7 :: Seen on Guia Para Decorar

Image 8 :: Seen on Interiors Addict

Image 9 :: Seen on Eclectic Trends

Image 10 :: Seen on Trendland

Image 11 :: Seen on Hibrid

Image 12 :: Seen on Unknown

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