The dining room is a pretty multi-functional room in our home. This is where we eat, work or craft up some DIY projects. It’s basically where a lot of the action and magic happens. It is also a space where great conversations & discussions are held and, of course, memories are made. I think it’s essential to maximize the way you live and use your domicile. It’s healthy and makes you feel happy and more at home, as it offers to house and manifests all layers of your personality.

I realized while working with clients, that most people don’t give this space much thought and just reduce it to the alimentation aspect and go about it in a rather functional way. As a consequence, they end up not spending a lot of time in it, thus not making the most use out of it.

In my opinion, a dining room should visually appeal and be filled with souvenirs, conversation starters and little knick knacks that remind us of our past and who we are. You should treat a dining room more like a second living room and design it in a similar way yet accommodate functionality as well comfort.

I’ve curated some refreshing and unique designs for your visual stimulation and hopefully, this inspires you to give your dining room more love!

Please, feel free to share photos of your dining room or any dining space that inspires you below.

˜ Márcia



Image 1 :: Seen on Froy.com

Image 2 :: Seen on We-are-Scout.com

Image 3 :: Seen on Architectenweb.com

Image 4 :: Seen on Afflante.com

Image 5 :: Seen on Design-milk.com

Image 6 :: Seen on Pinterest, Source Unknown, Please contact me for adequate image credits

Image 7 :: Seen on Living.Corriere.it

Image 8 :: Seen on Thedecorista.com

Image 9 :: Seen on Design-milk.com

Image 10 :: Seen on Bykoket.com




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