Welcome to my web 2.0 experience – Maison Lalopa. Here, I’m going to blog about Interior Design and Lifestyle and everything in-between. I’ve been focusing on building up my Pinterest presence in the past 3 or so years and now that I’ve reached great heights with that, I thought I should branch out and work on my own website. Why not?!


Why “Maison Lalopa”? Well, in a way, it reflects the eclecticism that represents me. I chose the word “Maison” because it means “Home” in French and call me crazy, but I love the way this word sounds. Back in college some of my design peers and music colleagues called me “Lalopa,”which stemmed from my private email I had at the time and essentially it is inspired by my maiden name, “Lopes.”

I am a Spacial Design Graduate from the AMD (Akademie for Mode und Design) in Hamburg, Germany and I have recently immigrated to the U.S. to live with my long-distance boyfriend and now husband. Interestingly enough, we started as an internet fling back in 2005. I know it sounds crazy.


To connect to the word eclecticism mentioned earlier: I am Cape Verdean (Cape Verde is  a group of islands in the Atlantic Ocean), was born in Lisbon, Portugal, raised in a small town called Bremen in Germany, studied in Hamburg for a little bit and now I am based in Boston, Massachusetts (U.S.). Given that I have lived in countries that differ so drastically, I consider myself an eclectic person, since all these places have marked and inspired me in each of their own particular ways.


Soooooo….Stay tuned for interior design tips, DIY projects, some vlog posts and everything else that seems to enrich my virtual and real lives. Occasionally, I’ll also post some of my interior design work!


XO – Márcia



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