Let’s be honest, it’s really not that easy to source motifs for a gallery wall. Clients frequently ask me how to mix different medias and I often find myself sharing the same approach: The more diverse the collection the more dynamic and enriched the gallery wall becomes. The trick is to arrange and re-arrange the art pieces until it visually complements and makes sense. With that said: Lay them out and make sure neighboring pieces have at least one thing in common: Whether it is the color or pattern that these have in common, it really doesn’t matter.


The Cloche & The Curiosities

During our trip to Amsterdam in 2015, we discovered this unique shop, called the Otherist. It’s literally a couple of blocks away from Anne Frank Museum. It’s a boutique filled with curiosities, eccentric, and unusual decor pieces. While exploring, I noticed they used quite a lot of cloches to showcase the artisan pieces. I had always associated this piece with the apothecary, but I certainly appreciated seeing it in a decor context.

Who needs frames and such, when you can just tape it straight onto a wall!?

I always look for innovative ways to decorate walls in inexpensive ways and find there are indeed infinite possibilities. A trend that has been circulating the deepest stratosphere of the world wide web is taped graphic patterns and taped up gallery walls. It’s definitely growing on me and it somewhat has inspired me to install one in my own domain in the near future.

It’s definitely a fun, unapologetic and a more contemporary look. Sometimes adhered in a more random manner and at times in a more organized way – People are getting creative with it and are even using this rather functional piece to become of visual interest by applying them in a pattern such as an “X”.

You can create infinite patterns with this rather versatile tool. It’s an inexpensive way to accent a wall and incorporate some color and texture without damaging them. A quick and yet effective concept that is ideal for speedy DIY projects.

What do you think? Have you recently installed a taped gallery for yourself? Please share your thoughts and pics! Would love to see it!

˜ Márcia


In the past, I’ve associated the color pink with pure kitsch, all things Barbi and certainly had not imagined using this hue in a color palette for a project, especially not for an adult space.

With both Copper (being a metallic with enough pink-ish nuances) trending and the Pantone color Rose Quartz being nominated as the color of 2016, all these tendencies indicate the overall growing favoritism of Pink. Besides being an accent color it is a great neutral color, the muted spectrum of this color, in particular, seems to become the new Gray.

In my daily hunt for inspirations, I increasingly stumble upon more and more interiors featuring pink as an accent color. The key qualities of this versatile color are starting to transpire and I must admit it’s starting to grow on me as well. As much as I love black, white and gray, I can’t deny, I sometimes daydream of perhaps changing up my bedroom a little and adding some nude moments to my Gray and White color scheme.

I have put together a little gallery of some inspirational vignettes, that definitely speak for themselves.

Have you been collecting some inspirational images featuring this trend and how would you incorporate pink into your space?  Feel free to leave a comment and share some pictures. I would love to see.

I’m definitely starting to think Pink!

XO – Márcia