It almost feels like a few months have passed since we went on a family trip to my all-time favorite country, Portugal. In actuality it’s been over a year, which makes me realize how much time has passed and how much our lives have changed. I love thinking about this vacation in particular, not just because it was our first family vaca, but because we had so many special moments of bonding and only did things that we really enjoyed.


I particularly remember waking up to this distinct and earthy fragrance in the air, bronzing in a rooftop cabana while enjoying marvelous views of the city skyline of Lisbon. I remember the extensive walks through the tight alleys while noticing the combination of Old and New that seem to dominate this city. The fancy meals in exquisite restaurants. The refreshing waves of the Atlantic Ocean splashing against our bodies and realizing that we were far, far away from home (somewhere in the middle of planet earth/nowhere). The memory of looking up to the pink sunset sky and finding the leaves of palm trees dancing in the wind and shimmering in the most beautiful and vivid colors. The naps on the beach and collecting this eclectic mix of shells right after and realizing how talented and diverse mother nature is. The yacht trips along the Mediterranean Coast and those spectacular views of the northern peak of Africa.

These deep impressions will definitely last in my memory and hopefully in my son’s as well. If not, well, at least it marked him in a positive way. My husband and I noticed how Riano seemed more mature all of a sudden. I don’t recall the exact moment when I realized it, but it seemed like he had developed his own sense of humor and was very relaxed at all times. His little button eyes seemed to observe every little detail and he never  failed to ask numerous and detailed questions about what he had seen. Even his verbal skills seemed more advanced. It’s funny to me, that his whole being chose a moment when he was in a foreign-speaking setting to advance his skills in his native tongue, English.


Previous to this trip our family experienced so many setbacks. I think this vacation helped us center ourselves and further helped us to connect again. Away from our daily stress, we were able to focus on what’s important while discovering the beauty of planet earth and the art of traveling together. We grew as a family and as human beings. #travelmore #lifeessentials




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