Accessories are really, what makes the room come to completion. It’s the cherry on the icing ( perhaps the icing on my all time favorite carrot cake! Recipe soon to be shared ;-)).

The more, the merrier. I personally love collecting them piece by piece, rather than going to Home Goods and just filling up carts, due to lack of patience for the process. In this case I think it’s totally worth waiting for the right piece vs. just buying things that are good enough or available now. Pinterest is packed with ideas, and I have noticed some statement pieces that could definitely serve as conversation starters that definitely would have an impact in any space.

Neon Light Signage

I love playing with the unexpected. This probably transcends from my personality: in between my ever so resting bitch face, you’ll find me rolling on the floor, because of a spontaneous laugh flash (yup that’s me! I get to 100 real quick!).

Unsurprisingly, I find my eyes drawn to neon light signage lately. Yes, it is a light, but this function becomes almost secondary. The light and the font collectively could be layered as an additional and unusual texture. Further, it’s a great way of bringing in some color since these lights can be made in different nuances. Besides that, it’s a fun opportunity to include typo into a decor scheme for all the font and quote lovers.

Coffee table books

These may not be new, but I noticed an increase in coffee table books use in vignettes and look books especially. Not only to be displayed on such but to be incorporated into shelving decor. These books are usually well made and definitely a piece of art in itself. Due to its shapely attributes, it can bring great definition to any bookshelf. You can stack a couple of these and pair them with a complementing piece of decor on top. The high-quality materials used, are a great way of incorporating textiles and adding visual interest.

Souvenirs & Curiosities

Last year we spent X-Mas in Germany and Elias and I decided to take a trip to one of my favorite cities in Europe, Amsterdam. As we were shlendering along the canals we discovered this cool decor boutique really close to the Anne Frank Museum called The Otherist. It was filled with tons of little curiosities, such as butterflies in lucite, large sized taxidermied insects, animal skulls made out of porcelain partially dipped in gold. I’m not really into these things, but this boutique left quite an impression on me. It’s almost like it taught me how to see the beauty in this type of craft. Coming home I started noticing these curiosities more and more. Definitely a great way of adding dimension.

Unusual, Whimsical + Handmade Pottery

Picture perfect pottery and tableware are so yesterday. Brands are emerging with their unique and artsy pieces.  It’s almost like they extended their canvases onto their pottery to showcase their art. Whether it is a unique glaze, a painting or an odd shape they become art and lose the feature of traditional pottery and the crowd seems to appreciate it.

Statement Floor Lamps

From working at West Elm, I noticed clients naturally gravitate towards table lamps most of the times. I personally prefer floor lamps and own 4 of them in my apartment (YASS! I absolutely love them!). I just love the definition it brings to the room. A lot of the times I find myself selling the benefits of a floor lamp over the conventional table lamp to customers and usually they totally embrace the look once installed in their own space.The visual impact of a floor lamp gets continuously underestimated. If I had to choose between a floor and table lamp, I’d choose the floor lamp in a heart beat! Its statue-

The visual impact of a floor lamp gets continuously underestimated. If I had to choose between a floor and table lamp, I’d choose the floor lamp in a heart beat! Its statue-esque presence is definitely a visual plus. Its verticality, whether it is placed next to a bed or sofa, is a great way to frame these.

I hope this inspired you to hunt for some unique pieces! Please share your current accessory obsessions!

˜ Márcia


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