When you think of racks, it usually wouldn’t spark any inspiring images in your mind. But you may think differently once you see some of the unconventional direction these objects have taken. It doesn’t matter whether suspended or free-standing, both types seem to join this new wave of interior tendency. A cool new trend that is taking the design connaissances’ heart by storm! Ask Pinterest! (Wink)

Entryways are trending too, but who came first? The racks, perhaps?

Recently I noticed this new common desire to style the entryway, which usually includes racks and such. But if you asked me whether the entryway trend pushed  the racks love or vice versa, I must say I’m not quite sure, but I think it went hand in hand.

The overall design direction it has taken is pretty obvious: less is more. This seems to be a continuous theme regarding form, material and color schemes being used. Along with that, natural materials seem to be quite popular as well.

Other rooms need some rack love too!

Besides the foyer, there is definitely a use for racks in any other room, such as a bedroom or even a spare room. If you have the luxury of having a spare room you could create a walk in closet with multiple of these pieces. If a bedroom is lacking in closet space, these items could be an ideal way to add more clothing storage that still looks good. The fact that their design is a visual gem, placing it in the room will translate into you owning up to what your room is essentially missing. Yes, own it!

I absolutely love how these pieces are so versatile and so diverse and contemporary. Contemporary in the sense of accommodating ever-so small apartments with a dash of style. Just Awesome outside-of-the-box thinking!

What do you think of the new trend? Please share your thoughts and comment below!

XO – Márcia




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