In the past, I’ve associated the color pink with pure kitsch, all things Barbi and certainly had not imagined using this hue in a color palette for a project, especially not for an adult space.

With both Copper (being a metallic with enough pink-ish nuances) trending and the Pantone color Rose Quartz being nominated as the color of 2016, all these tendencies indicate the overall growing favoritism of Pink. Besides being an accent color it is a great neutral color, the muted spectrum of this color, in particular, seems to become the new Gray.

In my daily hunt for inspirations, I increasingly stumble upon more and more interiors featuring pink as an accent color. The key qualities of this versatile color are starting to transpire and I must admit it’s starting to grow on me as well. As much as I love black, white and gray, I can’t deny, I sometimes daydream of perhaps changing up my bedroom a little and adding some nude moments to my Gray and White color scheme.

I have put together a little gallery of some inspirational vignettes, that definitely speak for themselves.

Have you been collecting some inspirational images featuring this trend and how would you incorporate pink into your space?  Feel free to leave a comment and share some pictures. I would love to see.

I’m definitely starting to think Pink!

XO – Márcia





Ok, I have to confess: I have a weakness for tableware! It probably stems from loving to set up dinner tables for when we have friends and family over.

Since I am totally feeling the marble thang, I thought why not having plates with said look. So I went ahead and bought these dinner plates and paired them with these beautiful and handmade bowls that definitely complement some of the blue accents I have in my space (I will soon post a reveal!). To anchor them I added onyx mirrored chargers, which add a cool and glossy texture. In this predominantly cold palette, the gold and textured flatware stand out dramatically, which I absolutely love.