Márcia Miranda


Let’s be honest, it’s really not that easy to source motifs for a gallery wall. Clients frequently ask me how to mix different medias and I often find myself sharing the same approach: The more diverse the collection the more dynamic and enriched the gallery wall becomes. The trick is to arrange and re-arrange the art pieces until it visually complements and makes sense. With that said: Lay them out and make sure neighboring pieces have at least one thing in common: Whether it is the color or pattern that these have in common, it really doesn’t matter.

Instead of resting and getting settled after our Germany trip, I tackled our deck that needed some rearranging. Definitely, need some more accessories and tons of plants!

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Lately, I have been obsessed with gold/ brass furniture and have been daydreaming of owning an Armoire or sideboard in that very same finish. Luckily I stumbled upon this gem of a store:”Blush” is a boutique florist in Auckland’s Parnell, New Zealand. It’s interior was designed by owner and creative director, Kelly Karam. She teamed up with Powersurge (brass ladder) and Thinkpack (packaging) to create a complementing and continuous brand identity. It’s evident that Kelly has an immaculate eye for design has done a great job putting it together.

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I binged the heck out of the Netflix Original Series “Abstract :: The Art of Design and absolutely love it!

The selection of artists and the and their unique perspectives and takes on Design. SO inspiring and rejuvenating! Who stood out to me the most is Es Devlin a renowned Stage Designer. You might have been exposed to her stunning artistry already, without even knowing! Famous institutions and music artists such as Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Lady Gaga, Sam Smith and more have collaborated with this hyper talent!