I was never a big fan of Fall as it stormed hard AF in Germany. Gloomy days after gloomy days with everlasting rain that made errands a daunting task. To make matters worse the days were shorter than in the lower hemisphere, which would easily push you into a temporary state of depression. Further, you couldn’t really show off your layering skills since the unpredictable weather almost forced you to wear rain attire at almost all times. The predominantly gray and brown environment added to the heaviness that one would experience visually in this part of the planet.

Moving to Boston changed EVERYTHING! I never understood the hype behind the term “Indian Summer” until I experienced it in person. Northeasterners will proudly tell you about their unique and broad range of foliage colors, which spans from golden yellow to over-saturated pink. If you’re lucky enough you may even find some purple in the mix.

For someone, who has an infatuation with tableware, I haven’t posted much about it. I actually enjoy shooting those as it is a fun and creative way to experiment with textures on a smaller scale. It’s an easy way of creating compositions that exude different moods while hoping to inspire others to have fun setting up a fun table.