The black + white ensemble has been consistent with its popularity throughout the years and it seems like it’s not going away any time soon. The classic duo has been conquering the kitchens of the world slowly, but surely. What I have noticed as well is the simplicity and boldness in size and format of the cabinets – the bigger the better. Hardware is scarcely present and transforms these cabinets visually into built-in closets and makes the transition from the rest of the home more seamless and clean. The only features that give it away as a kitchen are the faucets and stoves and such.

No Rules Applied

The rule of using the same color finish for all cabinets was busted and thrown overboard a long time ago. Increasingly, more designers seem to enjoy that and are not afraid of mix and matching both colors. If they don’t mix and match, they usually go for the extreme: all white or all black everything. Sometimes you will even find wood tones as accents to add a bit more warmth to this “menage a troix”. There was a time where the piano high gloss finish was the thing to do – well, now it’s quite the opposite. Matte is the way to go and definitely conveys a more contemporary or futuristic feel. To add visual interest they either add marble countertops or an oversized piece of artwork to create a feature wall that complements the color scheme of the cuisine.

The Kitchen Is The Center Of The Home

I couldn’t agree more with this statement! It seems like the kitchen island has made it’s comeback to the designer’s heart. It was never actually gone, but it has won a bigger spot in their hearts. Now you see enormous kitchen islands that give more counter space, especially for those gourmet chefs that need it, and seating space for more people. So again – the bigger, the better. Some designers even reduce their kitchen design just to a gigantic kitchen island and incorporate all features needed for cheffing up the perfect meal.

Would you design your kitchen and make the black + white your theme?

Let me know, what you think!

XO – Márcia




Image 1 :: Unknown

Image 2 :: Seen on CadreProloge 145 in-Dolma PID single

Image 3 :: Seen On Tamizo Architects

Image 4 :: Design by Elenberg Fraser, Seen on

Image 5 :: Designed by Minotti

Image 6 :: Seen on

Image 7 :: Designed by LSA Architects, Seen on

Image 8 :: Unknown

Image 9 :: Designed by Tamizo Architects, Seen on

Image 10 :: Designed by Format Elf Architekten, Seen on

Image 11 :: Designers at Vipp Shelter, Seen on

Image 12 :: Designed by DKO, Seen on

Image 13 :: Image by Isabella Magnani, Seen on

Image 14 :: Styled by Lotta Agaton, Seen on

Image 15 :: Design by TFAD Architects, Seen on

Image 16 :: Rendering by Katty Schiebeck, Seen on

Image 17 :: Unknown

Image 18 :: Images by, Seen on

Image 19 :: Designed by Bernd Gruber Architekten, Seen on

Image 20 :: Designed by Tamizo Architects, Seen on

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