Interior Design


When you think of racks, it usually wouldn’t spark any inspiring images in your mind. But you may think differently once you see some of the unconventional direction these objects have taken. It doesn’t matter whether suspended or free-standing, both types seem to join this new wave of interior tendency. A cool new trend that is taking the design connaissances’ heart by storm! Ask Pinterest! (Wink)


The black + white ensemble has been consistent with its popularity throughout the years and it seems like it’s not going away any time soon. The classic duo has been conquering the kitchens of the world slowly, but surely. What I have noticed as well is the simplicity and boldness in size and format of the cabinets – the bigger the better. Hardware is scarcely present and transforms these cabinets visually into built-in closets and makes the transition from the rest of the home more seamless and clean. The only features that give it away as a kitchen are the faucets and stoves and such.



As a student, I remember always being “hungry” for new inspirations and new design projects and always scouring design mags on any given occasion. I would commit to expensive design magazine subscriptions in order to stay current. Furthermore, in an attempt to bring organization to it, I tried creating a catalogue on my computer, so I would scan  the images and store them and categorize them in order to be able to find them. I would also browse the internet like no other to find new images and I’d save them in specific categories. After a while, I would transfer them onto external hard drives to make room for new images. I admit, it was not the most ideal system and it definitely ate up a lot of my storage space on both my laptop and external drives and slowed them down extremely. It wasn’t the most practical approach either, since I wouldn’t have the backlink of the source. I also tried the whole bookmarking thing and I soon started disliking it, since it didn’t have the visual support I needed to make it easy to find what I was looking for. And then Pinterest came along and changed my life completely.

For quite some time now, metallics have been all the rave, rose gold in particular. But it seems like it’s winning a second, much larger wave of momentum with an extra dash of a power boost. More and more, fashion houses and home furnishing companies are incorporating it’s finish into their collection. The range is so stupidly wide and I honestly sense the fun designers are having with the infinite possibilities this material is creating. Whether it’s just the finish or the idea of taking advantage of the characteristics of the material itself, it is all being highly appreciated by the crowd, including my gold-loving self.

XO – Márcia


I’ve been cultivating an immense interest in plants and have been looking for the best fit for my lifestyle. Along my research I noticed the broad information available on the web. I realized I wasn’t alone out there! It was borderline overwhelming to filter through the plants of interest. It’s almost like a revival of plants and they come in so many different forms and variations. The more exotic and unique, the better! They instantly give life to any interior space. The vibrant colors and the organic flair plants give off are pretty powerful and transform any space into a better version of itself.