The struggle of styling your apartment is real. We all know it. We all go through it. How much do I want to spend on decor? How long am I going to stay for? Should I buy this furniture piece, risking it may not fit in my next place? This is literally the monolog I have on a regular basis.

In my case I sort of go with the flow and I think it’s important to feel good and at home (rented or owned). So I don’t like to restrict myself and like to navigate within the possible and the temporary.

To start things, figure out a master plan and dedicate a budget towards this project, whether you just invest a big chunk of money right away or if you want to dedicate a certain amount per month and splurge on accessories and furniture as you go. The important thing to keep in mind is to make sure to invest in temporary and versatile pieces that won’t ruin any surface in your apartment. Simply, things you can take with you when you move out.

I have created a list of ways on how to effectively style your apartment.

Let’s jump right into it!


Temporary Wallpaper

Wallpapers are a great way to add character to your home. They are complicated to install, especially, if you are working with patterns or large murals, that needs to be aligned to be perceived as one collective image. The glue is meant to last, which means, taking it off would be quite a project. Thank god for temporary wallpapers! These are just as fancy and a breeze to remove. They definitely are statement pieces that have a great impact in your interior. Essentially it’s like having large unframed artwork.

Tip: Self adhesive vinyl wallpaper is perfect for apartment use. You can actually reuse them by putting it back onto the adhesive backing it came with (it’s hard but doable! It just takes patience, time and at least 2 people!) and reapply it to the walls in your next place.


When you think of racks, it usually wouldn’t spark any inspiring images in your mind. But you may think differently once you see some of the unconventional direction these objects have taken. It doesn’t matter whether suspended or free-standing, both types seem to join this new wave of interior tendency. A cool new trend that is taking the design connaissances’ heart by storm! Ask Pinterest! (Wink)

For quite some time now, metallics have been all the rave, rose gold in particular. But it seems like it’s winning a second, much larger wave of momentum with an extra dash of a power boost. More and more, fashion houses and home furnishing companies are incorporating it’s finish into their collection. The range is so stupidly wide and I honestly sense the fun designers are having with the infinite possibilities this material is creating. Whether it’s just the finish or the idea of taking advantage of the characteristics of the material itself, it is all being highly appreciated by the crowd, including my gold-loving self.

XO – Márcia


I’ve been cultivating an immense interest in plants and have been looking for the best fit for my lifestyle. Along my research I noticed the broad information available on the web. I realized I wasn’t alone out there! It was borderline overwhelming to filter through the plants of interest. It’s almost like a revival of plants and they come in so many different forms and variations. The more exotic and unique, the better! They instantly give life to any interior space. The vibrant colors and the organic flair plants give off are pretty powerful and transform any space into a better version of itself.