The Thomas Cook Group launched a new hotel in Rhodes, Greece. A collaboration between the local architect Vana Pernari, interior designer Annabell Kutucu, and Michael Schickinger, Creative Director of Berlin-based design agency, Lambs & Lions. A generous space that offers visual serenity where the outdoors + indoors merge seamlessly.

The design team focused on a brown heavy color scheme balanced with some neutrals such as white and anchored with black, multiple shades of Gray and fresh splashes of green. It is a mix of modern, laid back and bohemian vibes paired with some dashes of tropical vibes combined with textures and patterns that exude the idea of a wildlife safari if that makes any sense. At least, these are the words that come to mind while admiring the interieur.

In a rather minimalistic approach, I think this team was able to capture the atmosphere and style of this more eclectic island: White Cycladic houses combined with rustic Mediterranean architecture, a rugged and mountainous landscape and beautiful beaches. In my opinion, a well-designed boutique hotel and definitely a top vacation destination to stimulate my wanderlust.

Kudos to Georg Roske, for taking these amazing pictures and Illustrator Karina Eibatova for the gorgeous hand painted tiles in the reception and restaurant.

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˜ Márcia


Image 1 – 12 :: Seen on + KNSTRCT.COM

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